Cashflow To Retire pays you for referrals that turn into sales!

We truly value our relationships, and want to say THANK YOU and have it mean something.  We know that in the Real Estate business, networking is everything.  We go back to the old saying, sometimes its not what you know, but who you know.  In this shaky economy, it is more important than ever to network and establish lasting relationships.  We understand that real estate investors share the “good” deals with each other, and that is why we have established this referral program.

How It Works

When you connect us with a referral who buys a property from us, we pay you a flat $2,000.00 Finders Fee for that sale!!  What a great way to make some extra cash!  Try to find a company out there that will pay you that much for a referral!  We know that EVERYONE in this economy could use some extra cash!  Extra cash in your pocket is just a phone call away!

To protect your interest, we will enter into a finders fee agreement with you.

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