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Mayor Duggan: 'The Change in Detroit is Real'

DETROIT (AP) — In the nearly two months that Mike Duggan has been Detroit’s mayor, he’s met with President Barack Obama, public bus riders, city workers and anyone who will listen to his message that the city is changing – this time for the better.

Warren Buffett: Detroit has 'huge potential,' might invest himself

“The resources are here to have a great, great city,” Buffett told the news conference. He added that Detroit is an underutilized resource, much like the auto industry was a few years ago, and that creates a huge potential for growth.

Bargain Homes Lure Buyers Worldwide to Detroit: Mortgages

“A lot of people think of Detroit as the armpit of America, but there are lot of nice areas in Detroit where there’s money to be made,” said Nate Heaps, 32, of American Fork, Utah.

Ford Motor Company – One of the Best Full-Year Results in Company History!

The globally renowned Ford Motor Company reported a 2013 net income of $7.2 billion, $603 million more than the preceding year.

Chrysler Reports 2013 Fourth Quarter Income – 74% More Than 2012 Q4

Chrysler “reported its best full-year profits” since 2009. High performing vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and the Ram brand have been very profitable for Chrysler.