About Us

Cashflow To Retire specializes in two areas:

1.  We assist property owners who have distressed properties (usually tax delinquent) who are just wanting out of them, and we market and sell the properties for them online through various websites through an auction format, and also various strategies.  This creates a win/win for the owner as they are able to make some money on the property rather than letting it go to the county where most likely they will sell it at a tax auction and the owner doesn’t get a dime!  We make it easy.  We handle everything for you.  Since 2005, we have sold over 431 properties online, and have a lot of repeat buyers located all over the world.  They continue to buy from us because they know who we are, and they trust us.  We have “insider” relationships with people behind the particular websites which allows us to do additional marketing with them on each property for a huge discount.  Our properties are marketed in a weekly email to over 150,000 investors worldwide.

2.  We focus our efforts in a handful of markets across the country where we purchase properties one by one in good areas with the highest possible returns you can get.  We completely renovate the properties, and lease them up with long-term tenants and the best part is, the rent is GUARANTEED for at least one year!  We challenge you to bring us a deal that provides a higher annual rate of return than what our properties provide.

In total, between 2005-2013, we have been involved in purchasing and selling over 3,500 properties including single family and multi family homes, and residential building lots.

We offer a far better way to take advantage of the current unprecedented opportunities to acquire distressed and income-producing real estate.

Our property teams search the real estate markets so you don’t have to.  We establish the relationships.  We determine which properties are in the best condition for the lowest price.  We also save you time in property management and lining up tenants, and we have rehab crews all over the country.  By doing each of these things, we take the work and worry out of acquiring properties, and we do it in a fraction of the time.

Who We Are

We are a group of real estate investing professionals that use our experience and knowledge to help individuals invest in real estate using simple, yet proven strategies.  Focused primarily on foreclosures in multiple states, our founders’ circle consists of seasoned investors, attorneys, tax and deed specialists, and others, with combined experience and many years in succeeding in the complex world known as real estate investing — even through the real estate market crash!  Our purpose is to empower our clients to achieve success through purchasing and retaining properties, and doing so for a fraction of the time and money they would have to spend on their own.

How We Work

Our vision and mission are simple:  We seek out the very best foreclosure properties in certain areas of the country, and we provide these quality investment properties to you.  Thus, if our clients want to retain the property in their portfolio, they know they are investing in secure and quality real estate.  If our client has created a cash flow model, they seize the opportunity to simply rent out the property and collect the rents, while other clients choose to create cash flow by increasing the value of the property, then flipping it to another investor.

Our process is straightforward:  We search through hundreds and hundreds of bank-owned properties and auctions all over the country, we identify the best selection of properties in our price-range and in our criteria model, and then we assign our staff of researchers to conduct the due diligence on each property.

Why You Should Choose Us

As mentioned above, our objective is to deliver a product to clients that is tangible and can be utilized to create true financial gain.  Buy Low, Sell Low, and Work Smart.

For the same reason the wholesale club store chains can provide less expensive items, we can provide properties at a fraction of the cost because we are able to buy, sell and rehab dozens of homes at a time.  Our efficient system allows our property team to make on site visits and buy at dozens of auctions in the same amount of time that it would take one person to attend an auction and make a couple purchases themselves.  By having professionals that know how to extract information quickly and efficiently, we can research hundreds of properties in a matter of a few days, when the average investor could take weeks to research just one home.

We are dedicated to finding the best possible products to place before our clients, which would allow them to create profit for themselves.  Being focused exclusively on foreclosure properties allows us to go after the best markets, and uncover the best deals, thereby providing a product which our clients can trust and rely on.  Our staff of professionals is well-versed in the various state and real estate laws and due diligence processes in all the locations from where we purchase.

We are headquartered in Utah — just outside of Salt Lake City.  Our partners come from diverse locations all over the world and have been involved in almost every type of real estate commerce.  We also have employees, associates and partners spread through out the country allowing immediate on site transactions to take place.