About Our Rental Properties

Income-Producing Properties

Cashflow To Retire focuses on real estate that is:

  1. Undervalued and showing signs of appreciation
  2. Located in an area with a strong rental market
  3. Situated within minutes of our on-site property management staff.
  4. Found in a good neighborhoods away from war-zones and troubled areas.

Great Value. Our typical property will be available to you as an investor for much, much less than its replacement cost – frequently fifty percent less. This discount, of course, dramatically increases the chance of year to year appreciation as the oversupply in most of our markets is gradually worked down. Our goal is to put you in a property that you could turn around tomorrow and sell with no problems. That way if the rental business is not for you, someone else will gladly cash those monthly pay checks instead.

Turnkey Property Management. We’ve already hired a local property management company to manage the property, and they are the ones who have screened and placed the current renter in the property. You can continue to use them or hire a different property management company to fit your needs. They do all the work, send you weekly updates on your property and you cash all the rent checks each month. It’s that easy.

Location. As with any area in the country, you all know of certain “spots” that are considered war-zones or places to stay away from because of theft, drugs, vandalism etc. We avoid these areas like the plague and you should too. We have agents, rehabbers, property managers and employees in the areas we invest in so we know the best spots to invest in and the areas to stay away from.

Other Tax Advantages. If you buy your property using an IRA or Roth IRA after converting it to a self directed IRA (we can assist with that), then you will receive all your income and capital gains tax free or tax deferred within the account. With a Roth IRA, this even includes tax free distributions when you retire. Even if you’re not purchasing with a retirement account there are significant tax advantages to purchasing real estate, including depreciation, 1031 exchanges, etc.